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Cinzano Extra Dry Vermouth - 75cl - 18% ABV


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Cinzano dates back to 1757 & the Turin-based herbal shop of two brothers, Giovanni & Carlo Cinzano. This is a delicately flavoured, extra dry Vermouth ideally suited to cocktails like a Martini. 

It's pale, almost colourless but for a subtle yellow tint.

On the nose, there's fresh, awakening aroma of mint, sage and oregano, with a hint of spice and wine notes beneath. To taste, a pleasant herbal, mouth-warming flavour which is dry and offers a crisp builds, with a mildly bitter finish.


The brand's sister offering, Cinzano Blanco, is better for White Negroni's as this is very dry. The Extra Dry however, is great for a twist on a Negroni Spagliato using equal parts vermouth and Campari and topped with fizz.