Cinzano Rosso - 75cl - 15% ABV


Cinzano Rosso - 75cl - 15% ABV

Cinzano dates back to 1757 & the Turin-based herbal shop of two brothers, Giovanni & Carlo Cinzano.  Cinzano Rosso is the original of Cinzano’s vermouth portfolio.

This sweet vermouth uses a base of red wine, sweetened with alcohol and sugar, then infused with 35 herbs and spices including marjoram, thyme, and yarrow, coriander, juniper orange peel cloves nutmeg and absinthe.

On the nose, there's an aromatic mix of vanilla and deep black cherry, with a hint of creamy caramel. To taste, it's smooth with a subtle hint of initial sweetness, opening to spices and complex bitterness, before a botanical finish of artemisia.


Being middle of the road is usually an insult, but here, we mean it as the ultimate compliment. It's a trusty vermouth that works with a variety of flavour profiles. It doesn't want to dominate like many of the rich sweet vermouths, nor does it lack the body to play its part - it just works. In a classic equal parter with Campari, we love it with savoury gins like Gin Mare or Gin Eva's Black Olive edition, but it also pairs up with Amaro's and bitters like Cynar (just go easy on the dose of the latter).