Cinzano Bianco Vermouth - 75cl - 15% ABV


Cinzano Bianco Vermouth - 75cl - 15% ABV

Cinzano dates back to 1757 & the Turin-based herbal shop of two brothers, Giovanni & Carlo Cinzano.

While noticeably drier in style than the Rosso, Bianco isn't a quite a dry vermouth either. 

On the nose, it has a delicate infusion of white peach, flower blossom and freshly spiced marjoram, with after notes of fresh thyme. To taste, there's a sweet, mouth-coating flavour with hints of fruit, vanilla bean and cinnamon, and a bittersweet persistent finish.


Make use of the floral notes of this vermouth by pairing it with a gin that has a bouquet (try Cotswolds Gin with its lavender hit for example) and Aperol.