Carpano Classico Vermouth - 100cl - 16% ABV


Carpano Classico Vermouth - 100cl - 16% ABV

Carpano Classico is based on the original vermouth recipe invented by Antonio Benedetto Carpano.

Compared to Antica Formula it is less intense overall, and a little more user friendly as a vermouth. Its spicy, citrusy hints come together in a harmonious blend of flavours, complimenting the wormwood notes on the finish, which give this classic vermouth a balanced and smooth unique taste.

Its colour derives from the combination of the wine base and the 100% natural burnt sugar which also gives the product an essential aromatic note (and sweetness).


With less of a viscous and rich mouthfeel than its sister Antica Formula, it's easier to pair this across a broad spectrum of offerings in the gin category. Using Campari as the third wheel, gins that have a strong grapefruit edge tend to find a welcoming home with this vermouth.