Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin - 70cl - 42.7% ABV


Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin - 70cl - 42.7% ABV

Nowhere on earth serves Gin like the Spanish, with their huge balloon glasses and garden-like garnishes famed across the world. But while a Gintonica is the order of the day, it's quite rare indeed when a premium gin rises to prominence. Still, some deserve attention, and Gin Mare, with its madly Mediterranean flavours of rosemary and olives, is absolutely worth your time.

Made in the small fishing town of Vilanova, Gin Mare is pot distilled by Gin MG  in a former monk's retreat. 

Oily, rich and crammed with refreshing herbal flavours, this is a moreish, savoury gin, with thyme, basil, mandarin and juniper chiming in to add layers of flavour. The juniper is oily and resinous, and the bottle is gorgeous, meaning that not only does this taste divine, it is a totally gift worthy occasion gin.

To serve: Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, naturally, alongside a sprig of rosemary.

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