Glendalough Rose Gin - 70cl - 37.5% ABV


Glendalough Rose Gin - 70cl - 37.5% ABV

To make this special Gin, Glendalough completely rebalanced thier Wild Gin recipe and redistilled it with extra fruit, flowers, spices... and of course a lot of fresh rose petals.

Three varieties of rose are used; the rare and elusive Wild Rose from the Wicklow mountains, large fragrant Heritage Roses and the ancient prized Damask Rose. All of which come together to make this a naturally pink and very floral gin.

Given the delicate nature of petals as an ingredient, this gin is distilled even slower and more gently than our wild botanical gin with vapour distillation playing a bigger part in extracting those essential oils and flavours.

After distilling, it is further infused with even more roses to deepen the flavours and of course the lovely pink hue. Floral, fragrant and flavourful, this is one for those who love a bold floral bouquet.