St. George Botanivore Gin - 70cl - 45% ABV


St. George Spirits was originally established by Jörg Rupf in 1982 as an ‘Eau de Vie’ artisan distillery using a 65 gallon Holstein pot still after arriving in America from his own home the Black Forest, Germany.

St. George's Botanivore Gin -

St. George Botanivore Gin took its name from the sheer abundance of botanicals present. This fauna greedy gin has 19 different botanicals hence the playful name “botanical eater”. The list goes like this: juniper berries, angelica root, bay laurel, bergamot peel, black peppercorn, caraway, cardamom, cilantro, cinnamon, citra hops, coriander, dill seed, fennel seed, ginger, lemon peel, lime peel, orris root, Seville orange peel and lastly star anise. 

Balanced, rich and a carefully nuanced flavour journey. Fantastic in a G&T.

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