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York Gin Old Tom - 70cl - 42.5% ABV


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From York Gin:

"When we decided to make a Victorian-style Old Tom gin, it quickly became apparent we’d need a kitchen.

The Old Tom style is slightly sweeter than London Dry and needs a sugar syrup to be added. And to make a sugar syrup you need a kitchen. 

So we decided to aim high - and asked our favourite chef, Andrew Pern, of the Michelin-starred Star Inn, Harome (and The Star Inn The City and Mr P’s Curious Tavern) if he’d help.

Not only did Andrew say yes, he and his talented team spent countless hours creating, honing and perfecting an incredible syrup that bursts with flavours from Yorkshire’s hedgerows and his kitchen garden in Harome.

The main ingredient is the White Alba Rose. Native to Yorkshire hedgerows and famous for being the rose on the Yorkshire flag, foragers call this white flower the Dog Rose (with apologies to the Old Toms out there).

Adopted by the House of York in medieval times it’s pleasantly scented but not heavily petaled. 

Andrew completed the Yorkshire sugar syrup with other ingredients from hedgerows and his kitchen garden, including Bronze Fennel and Star Anise. He completed the syrup by adding Angelica and pink peppercorns (Baie rose de Bourbon). 

The Victorians would have used liquorice and locally-growing plants in their Old Tom. The fennel and anise are locally-growing plants in North Yorkshire that have a similar flavour profiles to liquorice. So we’re firmly following the Old Tom tradition with this version. 

The final result is an Old Tom that bursts with flavour and Yorkshire character - juniper and pepper are complemented by the flavours of Yorkshire’s hedgerows. Enjoy in a G&T or a Tom Collins cocktail."