Weisswange Indian Tonic - 20cl


The British drunk quinine water in the tropics as a defense against malaria. Until the 20th century Tonic Water belonged to the standard equipment of the British army. To lessen the bitter taste of quinine, it was mixed with gin, soda, lemon juice and some sugar. That's how the first gin and tonic came to be. This tasty mixture brought you to India during the colonial period. Hence the name Indian Tonic. To get an effect, the Tonic Water had to be drunk regularly. Of course only for medical reasons! Because, according to Winston Churchill, "The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen's lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire."

The Indian Tonic Water is thus the classic among the Tonics. Is considered the supreme discipline for any ambitious Bitter Beverage Manufactory, is thus the biggest challenge in the flavor implementation and interpretation. At the final recipe of the white-cheeked Indian Tonic Waters, Kim has been working for 7 years to gain that exquisite and noble flavor.

The active ingredient quinine, which is extracted from the cinchona tree, in conjunction with Moroccan orange blossom water, hand-pressed Sicilian lemon and Indian lime oil provide a pure and classy bouquet. Refreshingly dry in the taste, with an appeal of the finest citrus fruits on the nose and palate, dissolved in the purest water enriched with fine-sparkling, exquisite carbon dioxide.

The ingredients, most of which are organically grown, give the tonic a unique, classy flavor. The sweetness and acidity are finely balanced, allowing complex gin varieties to develop.

Ingredients: water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidity: citric acid, natural flavors including quinine. Of course vegan and gluten free. All ingredients guaranteed without genetic engineering.

Weisswange's natural Filler Range

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