Warner's Victoria Rhubarb Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


Warner's Victoria Rhubarb Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV

Warner's is one of the biggest names in Craft Gin, but the ever-growing popularity of Tom Warner's genuinely fantastic range has done nothing to compromise quality. From the Classic Dry Gin to the barnstorming Rhubarb, to all of the gins in the Botanical Garden range, time has been spent to ensure perfection. The ingredients are consciously sourced, the team have a charitable ethos and the taste.. well, they're impeccable.

Warner's Victorian Rhubarb Gin was amongst the country's first pink gins and is wildly popular, appealing not just to Gin fans, but to those who seek something summery and fresh. The gin is named for Queen Victoria, who used to have a pretty decent rhubarb patch going on back in the day. In fact, some of the plants from her garden happen to have been transferred (via Ireland) to a Crown Estate property in Lincolnshire, which just so happens to be where Warner Edwards gets theirs from…

Using the flagship Harrington Dry Gin as a base, Warner's has created a stunning gin, with a crisp, satisfying acidity and a lightness that borders on ethereal. The rhubarb is huge, loud and luscious, but it never overwhelms the gin, allowing that juniper core to stake its claim through the heart of it. It's ridiculously tasty, and perfect served up as a Martini (alongside a dash of orange bitters).

To serve: Continue the pink theme with Merchant's Heart Hibiscus Tonic, or serve as a straight up G&T with an orange wheel. Orange really works with the sweetness.

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