Warner's Farmed & Foraged Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


Warner’s Farmed & Foraged Gin is a release that celebrates a sense of place as well as the process in which it is made; To grow what you use (or try to), and to work with what’s around you by nurturing the environment to develop what’s being harvested into the fullest that it can be.

The gin itself is a fresh, piney and woody London Dry Gin with hints of toasted spice on the finish and made with botanicals grown and foraged from the distillery.

Delicious in a G&T or Negroni – the flavours capture the experience of a walk through the surroundings of the Harrington based distillery.

After months of trials, to create the gin they’ve used freshly picked lemon thyme and lemon verbena. There’s also dried lavender, freshly picked chamomile leaves and Bee pollen from the hives at the distillery.

Green juniper from the bushes that have been deliberately planted there are part of the mix, as well as dandelion root that grows wild across the lesser used patches of the farm. Last but not least, there is toasted Applewood that’s hand prepared by the distillery team.

When poured neat, complex fresh herbs lead the way, with verbena wafting up on the nose.

To taste, zingy lemon thyme and chamomile flourish at first, before giving way to a bright, sappy juniper. There's a floral waxy sweetness that underlies the mix, but it's the toasted coffee-like spice that evolves alongside the pine on the finish and brings the journey back to an earthy, almost woodland feel.

It has a huge mouthfeel perfect for a G&T with a sprig of mint as a garnish in a G&T.

What’s happening? It begins with a head start

The Farmed & Foraged Gin is a limited-edition release which will not be made again (although it deserves to be – it’s delicious!), and so it will not be around for long.

Everyone who orders a bottle will be sent an apple mint seed packet ahead of its arrival so you can plant it before and get growing. You can find out more about that on Gin Foundry here. While mere days might not seem like much, all mint varieties grow fast and taking advantage of a few extra days in early August will see your little seeds well on their way.

We’ll then send all the bottles ordered on the 26th August, so that you can choose whether to continue with your quest of #DelayedGratification further or pop the cork and try a little snifter first…