Warner's Elderflower Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


Warner's is one of the biggest names in Craft Gin, but the ever-growing popularity of Tom Warner's genuinely fantastic range has done nothing to compromise quality. From the Classic Dry Gin to the barnstorming Rhubarb to all of the gins in the Botanical Garden range, time has been spent to ensure perfection. The ingredients are consciously sourced, the team have a charitable ethos and their taste?  Well… impeccable.

Warner's Elderflower Infused was an early delve into flavoured gin for the team, but it’s still one of the best as far as we’re concerned. The gin is absolutely crammed with elderflower petals and sings the brightest song. It’s not cloying or over sweet despite its overwhelmingly floral nature, rather its light and gentle, easy to sip and absolutely perfect for summers

To serve: Try it with sliced grapes.Read Gin Foundry's full review here: Warner's Gins