Warner Edwards Victoria Rhubarb Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


The craft distilling movement is slowly, but surely gaining traction outside of London and with it fantastic new distilleries are emerging. Created by best friends Sion Edwards and Tom Warner, Warner Edwards Gin is made in a 200-year-old converted barn in Harrington, Northamptonshire.

Warner Edwards’ Victoria Rhubarb Gin -

The Victoria Rhubarb Gin Warner Edwards have made takes its eponymous botanical from a farmer who grows it on a crown estate. Originally however, the rhubarb was grown in the gardens of Queen Victoria during the 1800’s.

The result is stunning. On its own, the Victoria Rhubarb Gin has a pleasing acidity and is delightfully light (given it’s still a 40% ABV gin). There are hints of lemon with an earthy sweetness. Unsurprisingly, the rhubarb is BIG, but not at the expense of the underlying gin, which can be uncovered if you take a little time to taste the spirit. It is also undeniable that the base gin plays its part in balancing out the overall flavour. The Victoria Rhubarb Gin makes a ridiculously good Martini too, especially for those just being introduced to this classic cocktail, as the soft rhubarb and touch of sugar really rounds the edges. Add a dash of orange bitters if you make one as the citrus brings out that warm crisp note inherent in both the gin and the rhubarb.

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