Victory Cold Gin - 70cl - 43.3% ABV

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When self confessed Orwell geek Max Chater designed VICTORY Gin, he did so with the dystopian novel 1984 in mind. “I wanted VICTORY to be our house pour and used in most of our cocktails – a sort of utilitarian drink. Quite Big Brother: You are drinking VICTORY and VICTORY is all you need,” he told us.

Thankfully, Chater’s gin is nothing like the Victory Gin sipped in Orwell’s world. Rather than a substandard ration delivered to the masses, VICTORY Gin is a hugely classic, juniper-rich edition of the spirit that will please purists and the more adventurous gin drinker alike.

Sweet liquorice and orris hit the tastebuds first, with a rooty, woody flavour coating the tongue just in time for the spice to kick in. Juniper pushes through in the middle of the sip and takes on a chameleon role, slotting between all of the other botanicals seamlessly and taking on hints of their properties. It comes across floral due to the orris, spiced due to the cassia… It’s a complex flavour journey and one that any fan of a classically styled gin is bound to enjoy.

With tonic, the orange citrus shines through and the orris brings an ever-expanding flower feel to the mouth. The cassia spice is there, but its quietened by the lower ABV, resulting in an overall aromatic and complex taste. It’s an utterly delicious, savoury G&T that calls out for a wedge of grapefruit garnish.



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