Theodore Pictish Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


Theodore Pictish Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV

Perfume meets Gin, meets a bouquet of flavours in your glass; we’ve been bowled over by its profile.

Theodore Gin uses 16 botanicals in total, including pine, damask rose, pomelo and bourbon vetiver. They have been distilled in a multi-stage process using traditional copper stills alongside a rotovap to extract the best flavours and aromas from each distinct botanical.  

Pomelo is distilled by itself to carefully extract the elegant citric notes of the fruit. Ginger is double distilled in order to extract woody warmth and the powdery spiciness. Meanwhile honey and fresh pine needles are distilled under vacuum using a rotavapor to preserve the freshness of the botanicals. Last but. not least - coriander, juniper, pink pepper, chamomile, kaffir limes, orris, cardamom and lavender are distilled in together.

Each of these distillates are combined together and once blended, they further infuse Theodore Gin with Oolong tea, which gives it a green-grassy astringency that adds layers of complexity, a natural sweetness and gives the liquid a pale straw colour.

Serve it up with a grapefruit tonic (or soda) and a sprig of Rosemary for the perfect serve!