The Teasmith Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


The Teasmith Gin founders Nick and Emma Smalley have something in common with all of us who peruse around Gin Foundry: they’re long time, borderline fanatical Gin drinkers. Their juniper-consumption has long been led by curiosity and they’ve often experimented with infusions, twisting the gins onto the market into drinks more suited to them. The experimentation was stepped up a notch for their wedding, when they created sloe gins as favours for their guests.

Hailing from a small village in Aberdeenshire, Nick and Emma watched the Scottish gin scene explode around them, though their fascination turned into an overwhelming desire to join in about two years ago.

Juniper rises up out of the glass, fresh, grassy and loud. It’s supported by bright orange peel at the fore, while an earthy sweetness murmurs beneath.

Juniper leads the taste, too, joined by spiky coriander seed and a sweet, fresh hint of orange. The roots provide a clean sweetness, with all the dustiness from the nose eradicated. The tea is a complex ingredient; it conspires with the orange at first, but separates towards the middle of the sip, breaking off into something far more cooling. It’d make for a nuanced Martini, but would be completely at home in one of the more refreshing cocktails, like a Gin Rickey.