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Tarquin's The Weathered Seadog Gin - 70cl - 57% ABV


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"To fittingly celebrate winning the esteemed title of “World’s Best Gin” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017, we thought why not treat our beloved SeaDog Navy Strength Gin to a little well-earned rest.

So, that’s exactly what we did. We got our hands on some beautiful Pedro Ximinez sherry barrels (from which we were able to extract 4 litres of beautiful, dark and seemingly forgotten sherry), then we took a four-phase approach towards crafting something a little special. 

Firstly, we took 220L of our world-beating SeaDog (at bottle strength 57% abv) and rested it in the freshly drained PX cask for a period of seven months. At the end of this resting time we transferred the punchy spirit packed with big sherry notes to a stainless-steel container. This liquid would form the bold backbone of the final blend. 

Secondly, we refilled the now drained cask with another batch of SeaDog, but this time at an even stronger 62% abv. Once more the cask was stored in the warehouse away from extreme temperatures and light for a further nine months, before once again transferring to an inert container. As this was our second-fill in the PX cask, the aim was to have a slightly more mellow extraction of oak influence, while still drawing out some tannic structure and body from the cask. 

Thirdly, we went for one last big hit of flavour extraction to bring an extra element to our final blending palette. We took a final batch of 70% abv SeaDog, and placed it straight into a stainless-steel container. Into this container we added charred and toasted oak chips, along with fresh juniper berries, caramelised orange, pink grapefruit and lemon peel, and toasted coriander seed. We let this macerate for a further two months until we felt we had arrived at the stage where all the individual elements were ready for the final input of creativity: the blend.        

Taking these three unique, nuanced expressions we had a richness of flavour profiles to play with. We blended, balanced and began fine tuning our final offering. The resultant “Weathered Seadog” (honouring its namesake at 57% abv) is our bold commitment to creative experimentation and honouring our distilling ethos."