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Tarquin's The Seadog Navy Strength Gin - 70cl - 57% ABV


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The process of making Tarquin’s Gin begins when they gently steep hand-sorted botanicals in wheat spirit overnight. It is then distilled in a small pot still that’s heated by flame using a one shot method, with only 300 bottles made per batch. Tiny to say the least! During the eight hours of careful tinkering, monitoring and adjusting, only the heart of the run is collected for bottling (as, like with many distilleries they discard the heads and tails). Once cut with water sourced near Boscastle on the coast of North Cornwall, the gin is rested for several days after which Tarquin noses, tastes, hand fills, corks, seals and signs every bottle to leave the door.

Tarquin's The Seadog Navy Strength Gin

The recipe is the same as that of Tarquin’s Dry Gin, though the botanicals have been ramped up ever so slightly. In the lineup is fresh orange, lemon, grapefruit, coriander, violet, juniper, cinnamon, angelica, orris, cardamom, liquorice and almond.

To nose, a vivid and fresh juniper comes through, pushing its hand out and bowing at the waist as it introduces itself in the most forward manner imaginable. An underlying hint of fire comes through, though this could be as down to the high ABV as it is to the cinnamon. That warm, coriander citrus so noticeable in the flagship joins in too.

The cinnamon lashes at the tongue instantly, and the roots fill the mouth, bringing both an earthy taste and a rich feel. The juniper is slightly shyer to the palate compared to it’s boisterous aroma, though when it comes through it comes through in a big way, leaving an incredible sense of pine on the tongue – as though one had taken a bite out of a Christmas tree.

Tarquin himself describes it as having a “more intense juniper on the nose, with a lovely peppery spice on the palate and rich earthy citrus notes. All in all it’s pretty serious stuff and a very exciting liquid, particularly in a higher ABV cocktail. It makes a ridiculously good Negroni or Gimlet.”

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