Tappers Wintergreen Gin - 50cl - 39.6% ABV


Winter seasonal expression

Wintergreen is our winter seasonal gin. Inspired by the British wintertide, and produced during the cold months of the year when the frosts set in and every breath forms a cloud, Wintergreen is an aromatic artisan gin hand-crafted from start to finish using the traditional method of compounding.

Truly artisan

Wintergreen is independently produced in small batches at Tapper's Distillery on the Wirral. The resulting tipple – like all compounded gin – has a natural amber-hue from the infused juniper berries. Each 50cl bottle is individually filled, labelled and wax sealed by hand.

Tasting notes

Wintergreen brings together spruce needles, birch bark, cassia bark and meadowsweet with five other valuable ingredients for a crisp taste of Wintertide. Bright, high notes give way to a smooth and dry finish.