Tappers Darkside Gin - 50cl - 39.6% ABV


Tappers Darkside Gin is a rare beast. Made in West Kirby by one-man-band superstar Steven Tapril, the Tappers range is formed of cold-compounded spirits all bursting with flavour.

Compound gin is that which hasn’t been distilled, but rather left to soak up all the raw beauty of botanicals for a good few months. While this doesn’t have the crisp clarity of distilled gin, it is rich with oils and textures and goes down smooth as silk.

Juniper dominates the entire show, rising up out of the glass in an ooey, gooey, icky, sticky lump It’s dusty and earthy, with a wee hint of volcanic rock dancing at its fore. Black cardamom is here too, providing a dark whisp of smoke, while orris splashes violet hues across the scene.

Bitter and earthy with sea beet, clover and chickweed bringing green, fresh elements, this is a busy, brilliant G&T that dominates the tongue and stains the mouth for hours after.

To serve: Indian tonic and a dehydrated orange wheel.