Stranger & Sons Gin - 70cl - 42.8% ABV


Stranger & Sons Gin, a fantastically rich and curious gin from Third Eye Distillery, one of the handful of Craft Gin distilleries that have exploded out of India recently.

Based in Goa and built by the charismatic trio Sakshi Saigal, Vidur Gupta and Rahul Mehra, this team has shown expertise far beyond their young years as they navigate international waters. 

They speak of Goa with misty-eyed love, and seek to channel their enthusiasm for their home into every drop of gin that they make. When they aren't manning the still, they're foraging for botanicals or encouraging others in the trade to celebrate the region's bold flavours in their cocktails.

Luckily, this bottle's beauty extends way beyond the packaging. There's a strange and unfamiliar citrus combo, one that appears in many layers to bring a hugely complex, lively base. To taste, the bright start hands over to spices that add depth and character, burrowing deep into the senses and lasting long after the sip has finished. Sweet liquorice root underpins all of this, adding a perfectly smooth viscosity to the overall mouthfeel. Delicious!