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Strane London Dry Gin Navy Strength - 50cl - 57.1% ABV


The small Swedish distillery called Smögen Whisky located in Hunnebostrand, approximately 130km north of Gothenburg, was first established in 2009 by former lawyer Pär Caldenby and his family members. Until now, every drop of Smögen Whisky and Strane Gin has been distilled and blended by Pär Caldenby personally.

Strane London Dry Gin Navy Strength - 

A classic Navy Strength at 57.1% ABV, the gin is oilier and more citrus focused than its Merchant Strength sister. There is sharp lemon upfront while juniper almost plays second fiddle. It takes a while for other flavours to emerge, but when they do, almonds and cinnamon compliment the gin well.

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