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St. George Dry Rye Gin - 70cl - 45% ABV


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St. George Spirits was originally established by Jörg Rupf in 1982 as an ‘Eau de Vie’ artisan distillery using a 65 gallon Holstein pot still after arriving in America from his own home the Black Forest, Germany.

St. George's Dry Rye Gin -

With the base imparting malty undertones, the St. George’s Rye Gin is quite a special product, both unique and challenging in equal measure. The spirit is made in the same 1,500 litre copper pot still as Terroir and Botanivore, but with a mix of 6 botanicals including up to 50% more juniper berries than the previous two gins, black peppercorn, caraway, coriander and lime peel once again.

They threw in one newbie for this expression, grapefruit peel, to accentuate the punchy pepper notes found in juniper. Packaged in their usual, beautifully designed bottles, the soft cereal and nutmeg aromas come off with a subdued, but fresh juniper. Violet lavender notes are prominent to taste and herbal flavours emerge too – all carried with Rye undertones. St. George’s Rye Gin has got a lot going and is an example of a gin that you have to return to in order to get all the flavours.

It also brings up the concept of American Genever, as it’s neither gin nor genever, but somehow somewhere in between and perfect for a Martinez cocktail. We genuinely urge you to try this gin if you ever have the chance. It’s not for everyone but it is interesting and completely unlike anything you might expect.

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