Slingsby Navy Strength Gin - 70cl - 57% ABV


Spirit of Harrogate was founded in 2014 by Marcus Black and Mike Carthy, two enterprising residents who captured and bottled their desire to share the restorative nature of Harrogate in the form of Slingsby – a London Dry Gin bursting with local botanicals.

At 57% ABV, the nose is expectedly spirity, though this is met by an unexpected cream sweetness and bold, bright grapefruit.

Slingsby’s Victorian Kitchen Garden concept explodes on the mouth, with lemon verbena and lemon balm in particular riotous. As with the flagship, rhubarb and juniper soon follow, softening the mouthfeel and providing a depth of flavour that leans towards a more herbal profile.

It’s a Navy strength gin, so fire scorches throughout, but this higher proof adds intensity to the botanicals, helping them to paint a vivid picture on the tongue.

Add a spring of rosemary to a G&T and enjoy.

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