Skin Gin Anthracite Grey - 50cl - 42% ABV


Skin Gin from Germany was founded in 2014 and made, from the outset, to be different. The name, the design, the flavour and aroma… all of it was meant to truly get under the ‘skin.’ 

It’s fresh aroma bursts out of the glass, with fragrant wafts of pungent mint and zesty pink grapefruit emerging in a heady mix. To taste, it’s lively, with big booming minty tones and a touch of coriander, which gives way to a fresh, pervasive citrus. It’s a million miles from traditional gin and light on juniper, but it’s very well made and super smooth at 42% ABV.

There are three beautiful bottles to choose from and while the gin inside is the same - it's a tough choice as to which will look best on your shelf!

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