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Silent Pool Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


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Silent Pool Distillers sits on the Albury Estate in the Surrey Hills, next to the mythical and beautiful Silent Pool. The distillery has fused science and folklore to create an altogether beautiful product; a fresh, floral gin with a subdued but well placed juniper delivered in a beautiful blue bottle complete with intricate gold sketches.

Silent Pool

The aroma of honey shines through, bringing a sweet lift to the floral base. The gin is a lot more spicy and savoury than the nose would attest; elderflower sweetness is there at the start, but is quickly displaced by citrus, then entirely pushed aside by cubeb and grains of paradise. There’s a rounded flavour journey to the gin when sipped neat, but it’s best enjoyed in a G&T, with a thin orange wheel or a mint spring.

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Sold Out