Silent Pool Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


Silent Pool Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV

Silent Pool Distillery is one of Surrey's worst kept secrets, and with good reason. The creative team behind the doors know good design when they see it, so not only are the spirit's they produce delicious, they are grade A beauty queens to boot.

The distillery's name sake gin, Silent Pool, is a blue and copper glad gem that tells the eery story of the Silent Pool, a spring-fed lake from which the distillery takes its water. While the bottle speaks of the silent pool and the botanicals, the liquid itself uses all 24 of them in total – local honey amongst them – to confuse and delight the drinker in equal measure.

On the nose, its sweet with a fresh bouquet of flowers filling the senses. The mouth is a lot less frivolous, though, with huge spice and citrus dominating the palate. Elderflower sweetness circles around to brighten up the end, but its quickly swept away by a fiery grains of paradise spice. It's complex, busy and a real adventure, with all sorts going on at all times.

To serve:  Indian tonic with a thin orange wheel and – if you're in the mood for something fresh – a fresh sprig of mint.

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