Shortcross Gin - 70cl - 46% ABV


Made by the Rademon Estate Distillery in Northern Ireland, Shortcross Gin was the region's first award winning craft distillery. The husband and wife team behind the distillery,  David and Fiona Boyd-Armstrong, sought to create a classic gin with a unique twist as they fought to bring craft distilling back to the area.

The unique twist in question is a handful of locally grown botanicals, including green apples and clover. Elderflowers and elderberries, too, are an important part of the line-up, along with juniper, coriander, lemon, orange and cassia.

The elder – flower and berries – give the gin a real lift, but juniper takes the reigns throughout, driving every sip and sensation within. This is Gin as the gods designed it and we would urge anyone who hasn't yet experienced it to get sipping!

To serve: Apples are such a rare treat within the Gin world that whenever opportunity knocks, we take it. Serve with ice, a couple of apple wedges and some Indian tonic.

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