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Sharish Gin - 50cl - 40% ABV


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Monsaraz is a quaint, medieval town placed neatly in the heart of the Alentejo region of Portugal. It has a forgotten feel about it – as though the wheels of time simply stopped turning some centuries ago; this is especially felt when one peeks upwards towards the castle and its imposing towers.

Sharish Original Gin

Apples are the first thing to come to the nose in this gin from Portuguese maker Sharish. It has a really familiar, fruity Summer Cup smell, though a piquancy from the cloves and cinnamon sits just behind. The apple comes straight through to the tongue too, along with a woody juniper. 

Coriander warms up the fresh citrus, followed swiftly by the cloves and cinnamon. While the apple and vanilla bring a certain sweet quality to the gin, the spicy elements conspire to overthrow them. Spice dominates at the end but apple is the lingering flavour, remaining long after the drink is done.