Sharish Blue Magic Gin - 50cl - 40% ABV


After filling the bar in his family restaurant with gin, Antonio Cuco was encouraged to try making his own. An agreeable sort with a can do attitude, he decided to do just that – despite having never set foot in a distillery before. The resulting gins are super fresh, fruity additions to the gin category, and well worth your attention.

Ok, so antifreeze blue might not be the colour for everyone, but Sharish Blue Magic is the ultimate example in not judging a book by its (super fun and COLOUR CHANGING) cover. Strawberries and raspberries greet the nose, bringing a refreshing, dessert like sweetness.

The berries are less present on the tongue; rather a warming ginger punches through, whilst juniper bides its time – slowly filling the mouth in a takeover so subtle you don’t know it’s happened until its gone. The gin is modern and progressive, but it isn’t as frivolous as the naturally obtained colour might suggest.

With tonic, the bright blue colour transforms into a dusky pink, while strawberries and raspberries float back up to the top of the glass, making it perfect picnic material (with a party trick thrown in to boot).

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