Seppeltsfield Road House Gin - 50cl - 41.5% ABV


Based not far from Adelaide, South Australia, Seppeltsfield Road is a new distillery with a great story. Co-founders Nicole and Jon Durdin picked up a penchant for gin whilst on secondment to the UK in 2015. When they returned to Australia, they did so with the intention to build a brand new distillery.

Though they only originally planned for one, somewhere in the process they ended up with three recipes that were just too good to be ditched out. With a grape base the gins begin fruity, but with local ingredients like pink peppercorns and lavender at hand, they soon began to delve in other directions.

The House Gin isn’t quite as ‘house’ as one would imagine. Australian Gin is a decidedly modern affair, and this one – stuffed to the brim with chamomile, lavender and cornflower – is a fair few steps from a backshelf pour. Still, it’s a tasty, dry affair, with a light hint of spice that runs throughout making it perfect Negroni fodder.

To serve: Indian tonic and a big wedge of grapefruit.