Scapegrace Gin - 70cl - 42.2% ABV


Scapegrace Gin is classic both on the nose and to taste. Juniper leads cardamom and cinnamon, while the citrus offers a good dose of zing. The gin is smooth neat and offers a well rounded profile. It’s on the dusty, spiced side of classic as opposed to overtly citrus or floral so it’s definitely one for fans of the likes of Plymouth Gin, and traditional gin lovers would wholeheartedly embrace this.

Overall, it’s soft and accessible at 42.2% ABV, though the flavour was a little too easily subdued once mixed with tonic so our advice would be to opt for a slightly heavier dose of G to T when you are making one. We enjoy it with a grapefruit peel garnish but a clove studded orange peel goes down a treat during the more wintery months.