Sacred Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


Sacred Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV

To see the kit behind Sacred Gin is akin to peering inside the mind of a madman. It's science meets art, with tubes heading off in thousand of directions as distiller Ian Hart wrestles his vacuum stills into submission. 

Sacred Gin undergoes fractional distilling, which means that all of the botanicals are treated separately. As such, their flavours remain bold, strong and complex, as alive in the glass as they were on the bush or in the ground.

Frankincense, perhaps the most unusual ingredient in the line up, combines with the juniper to create a woody, earthy aroma,  while orris brings a discreet violet hit. Grapefruit zings out of the glass, too, slapping the drinker around the chops with its vibrancy. It's a big hitter and an all-rounder, holding wide appeal.

To serve: Keep that grapefruit coming!

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