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Rock Rose Navy Strength Gin - 70cl - 57%


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Dunnet Bay Distillery was established in 2012 by husband and wife team, Martin and Claire Murray, along with their trusty four legged companion George. Setting up in their hometown of Caithness - Dunnet Bay is one of Britain’s most northerly mainland distilleries. While situated in a beautiful region, the distillery’s location also meant the added complication to their build, with the delivery of their still arriving some months overdue! As always however – good things come to those who wait…

Rock Rose Navy Strength Gin -

The higher ABV actually subdues some of the finer elements of Rock Rose; the sea buckthorn is less sharp, slightly retracting from the locality. That said, it's a fine spirit - smooth to sip, with an increased spiciness. This would work really well in a cocktail that calls for a higher strength gin, like a Gimlet. 

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