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Rock Rose Gin - 70cl - 41.5% ABV


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Dunnet Bay Distillers, based up in Caithness, Scotland, is a husband and wife-led producer that is impossible not to love. Distillery dog? Tick. Outrageously cute kids? Uh huh. Beautiful gin in an even more beautiful bottle? You betcha.

Co-founders Martin & Claire Murray were relatively early comers to the modern gin scene, launching Rock Rose Gin in August 2014, following 55 trial batches and a great deal of anxiety. The gin takes its name from one of it's core ingredients, Rhodieola rosea, one of many hand-plucked local ingredients that made their way into the still, marking this spirit out as a very unique, very Scottish product.

We've loved them and their marvelous gin range since they first emerged on the scene, all beaming smiles and juniper-stained hands. Their core product, Rock Rose Gin, is a subtle twist on the classic gin genre, with a delicate spray of roses dancing across the nose, and crisp, bittersweet rowan berries exploding on the tongue. It's bright and fruity, but the sour fruit flavours quickly give way to a piny, forest-floor juniper. This is one for those that like to experiment without straying too far from the path.

To serve: Go for Med tonic and a huge sprig of rosemary, which will add a real flourish to the juniper.

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