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Pothecary Gin Thai Blend Limited Edition - 50cl - 46% ABV


Pothecary Gin Thai Blend Limited Edition is a Gin Kiosk exclusive.

Pothecary Gin is a unique new gin made in Dorset by Soapbox Spirits, a micro-distillery founded by Lukasz Dwornik and Martin Jennings, two former colleagues that share a passion for good produce and great G&Ts.

Pothecary may still be new, but it’s already making waves, having won Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards. To make their gin, the duo perform multiple distillations, treating each botanical element as a separate distillate and blending them together into their carefully considered recipe.

They currently use two 60 litre copper pot stills in which they exclusively distil juniper, and a 40 litre copper pot still that they use for the rest of their botanicals.

Pothecary Gin Thai Blend Limited Edition –

The subtle and delicate aroma of lime, with hints of tropical fruit, fresh floral turmeric and coriander leaf, gives way to vibrant juniper, in a complex and fresh style. The palate has warmth and softness from coconut, pineapple and juniper, with a hint of fresh ginger spice, gentle fruitiness from mango, culminating with the floral aroma and earthy texture of fresh turmeric, delivering a sophisticated dry finish.



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