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Port of Leith's Lind & Lime Gin - 70cl - 44% ABV


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It would be remiss of us to ignore the elephant in the room here, so we’re just going to come out and say it: Lind & Lime is one good looking gin. We’re talking next level, tip-top, beautiful glasswork that just needs to exist in our lives.

Made north of the border in the Port of Leith, Lind & Lime Gin celebrates the town’s deep, dark history in the booze world. Leith is where wine, brandy, sherry and port landed in Britain and it’s where they were bottled too. Hence that delectable glass – it’s a tribute to the town’s wine dramming days.

The Lind in question is James Lind, an 18th Century scientist who served as a Surgeon’s Mate in the Royal Navy. Lind was one of the first to correlate the positive effects of citrus fruits in the treatment of scurvy and so – unwittingly, perhaps – invented one of the greatest cocktails of all – The Gimlet. This gin, as you may have guessed, is a limey affair.

While largely secretive about the seven botanicals that go into making their gin, Leith & Lind are willing to share a couple of secrets: juniper runs through it, bringing a calming pine note that coats the tongue in a waxy goo. You’re in familiar, ginny territory here. Lime, of course, punches through the resin to bring a light, bright zest that fills the cheeks, whilst pink peppercorns dance around on top of the glass, bringing a bright, spiced touch of levity to the whole affair.