Poetic License Old Tom Gin - 70cl - 41.6% ABV


Poetic License is owned by Mark Hird, a leisure-industry veteran with a hotel, a microbrewery and a distillery to his name. Based in The Roker Hotel in County Durham, the county in which Elizabeth Barrett Browning was born, the distillery took inspiration from the prominent poet, creating gins that, with their taste and packaging, aim to capture the romance of literature.

Poetic License Old Tom Gin

Poetic License Old Tom Gin is made quite unlike most others in this category; no sugar is added, instead all the sweetness is derived from liquorice root. The drink carries a clear tint from its barrel ageing – a method used by the creators in an attempt to recreate a more historically accurate Old Tom.

The barrels are selected with the sweetness that they will impart to the liquid in mind, and contributing to the softness is rose petals and hibiscus, which are added after distillation. Soft oak permeates, with juniper emerging alongside a pronounced orange.