Pickering's Sloe Gin - 50cl - 29% ABV


Ever since its launch in 2013, Pickering’s has been a firm fixture on the Craft Gin scene. Wearing it’s Scottish roots with pride, this Edinburgh-based distillery has been churning out brilliant gin after brilliant gin, with each a great example of visiting new flavours and methods whilst remaining true to what gin is.

The flagship gin is based on an old family recipe dating back to 1947, and while a few botanicals have been tweaked to suit modern palates, the gin is one that those back in the day would probably recognise.

Pickering’s co-founders Marcus Pickering and Matthew Gammell were big fans of shooting gins way before stepping into the distilling scene, so they were always going to make a Sloe Gin – and a good one at that. The Sloe’s are left to rest in the flagship gin for a little over a year, allowing the fruits to transfer over huge, jam-sweet fruit notes and a vague hint of marzipan.  The spiced nature of the flagship really works well with this, with the cinnamon adding a particularly festive tinge.

To serve: You can enjoy this neat on ice, but it also works with a bitter lemon mixer.