Pickering's Brussel Sprouts Gin - 20cl - 37.5% ABV


Ever since its launch in 2013, Pickering’s has been a firm fixture on the Craft Gin scene. Wearing it’s Scottish roots with pride, this Edinburgh-based distillery has been churning out brilliant gin after brilliant gin, with each a great example of visiting new flavours and methods whilst remaining true to what gin is.

Scottish Gin powerhouse Pickering's is releasing this gin exclusively for Ginvent users (otherwise, it's only available in bauble format and 200ml bottles directly from the distillery)!

We can't say much yet about the flavour profile, but we can hint that what usually pushes people apart at Christmas time has been transformed into something that can bring us all together... 

If using Indian Tonic:

With such an unusual star botanical, keep the G&T 'naked' and enjoy!

Or why not try  a cucumber slice to accentuate the flavours?