Pernod Anise - 70cl - 40% ABV


Pernod Anise - 70cl - 40% ABV

Pernod Anise is an aniseed aperitif, which was invented in France by Jules Pernod as a replacement for the banned absinthe. 

The original absinthe it is based off, Pernod Absinthe, was created from a recipe of green anise, fennel, hyssop and the now infamous ‘artemisa absinthium’: the plant of absinthe. In 1915 a decision to ban absinthe was passed forcing the distillery to close.

A few years later to circumvent the laws, they created a new recipe that tasted of anise but did not include artemisa wormwood, which quickly grew in popularity. 

Thankfully today both the Absinthe and this Pernod Anise alternative exist! The recipe includes mint, chamomile and coriander amongst many other botanicals but the main stars of the show and the dominant flavours here are anise and fennel.