Nginious! Cocchi Vermouth Cask Gin - 50cl - 43% ABV


With its journey beginning in 2013, nginious! Gin has slowly but surely been progressing, growing a cult following and today, has 4 expressions for fans to enjoy.

nginious! Cocchi Vermouth Cask

Tasted neat, the Cocchi Vermouth Cask makes its presence known, not just with the influence on the colour, having turned the gin from clear to a pale hue, but also transforming the nose to become both resinous and woody. To taste the mouth-feel is silky and the juniper is more prominent, both are attributes that combine well for a Martini. Cardamom is also stronger and extends the finish.

As an "aged gin", this is on the lighter end of the sub-category, partly because what has been added in terms of flavour are the woody notes from a barrel, in addition to elements of the previous occupant – Cocchi Vermouth.



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