Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin - 70cl - 45.2% ABV


If distillation is both a science and an art of extracting flavours, then the team at Martin Miller’s are truly the Da Vinci’s of the gin world. The gin, both when it was in its early stages of development and now in its production, embodies an obsession for the very best. It’s made at Langley’s Distillery in the Black Country, using traditional methods and the aid of a beautiful pot still affectionately named ‘Angela’. They separate and distil the botanicals in two individual batches whereby the earthier botanicals are distilled apart from the citrus botanicals. The two separate distillates are then combined together. This dual process gives Martin Miller’s Gin an added freshness to the citrus elements which is sometimes lacking in other gins.

Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin -

A higher strength version of Martin Millers regular offering, the gin is made in the same way. The 45.2% Westbourne Strength has a richer, spicier feel in the mouth due to the more dominant taste of juniper at the higher percentage. There’s an added bite from the slightly higher ABV, but cassia and cinnamon also seem to more pronounced at this raised strength. It’s an interesting alternative for those who like a more assertive spirit in their drink.

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