Martin Miller's Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


Martin Miller's Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV

A lot of work goes into making Martin Miller's Gin's ludicrously smooth profile. The gin is shipped all the way from England to Iceland, where it is blended with fresh glacier water and bottled. The 3000-mile round trip may seem a little absurd for an ingredient that one can pull out of a tap, but the water is the purest in the world, bringing a silkiness to the palate that is unrivalled.

The botanical makeup of Martin Miller's Gin is traditional fair, albeit with a couple of slices of cucumber freshening up the mix. It has zesty citrus opening, with juniper pushing through to the fore half way through the sip. It's completely soft and gentle on the tongue, though a cassia spice picks up towards the end, flushing your body with warmth.

This is an easy gin to enjoy neat, but it's mineral like crispness works really well in a Martini. To serve: Martin Miller's are fond of a strawberry and black pepper duo, but we'd go for a grapefruit and basil combination.

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