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Makar Original Dry Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


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When the Glasgow Distillery flung open its doors in 2013, it marked a semi-rebirth, taking its cue from the city's old distillery, which had shut 110 year prior. The distillery is a gin making, whisky distilling wonder, with a huge and brilliant range and a greed deal of contract work. Basically, they're so good, other makers are asking them to do the ground work.

Their flagship product, Makar Glasgow Gin, wears its heart on its sleeve, with the words 'juniper-led' stamped proudly across the front. It is in no way an exaggeration. This is one of the most piny, rich and juniper-y gin on the market. It's bold as brass, with a flash of lemon, a pinch of pepper and smattering of rosemary adding multiple layers to the sip. This is one you'll still taste on your tongue half an hour after the drink is done.

To serve: Follow the distillery lead with some fresh green chillies.

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