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Mackintosh Scottish Gin - 70cl - 42% ABV


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"Mackintosh gin, run by James and Deborah is an Angus based, produced and bottled gin.

The County of Angus has a rich history of Viking invasions, Romans, Picts and Celts. It is an area with an abundance of ancient standing stones and natural beauty. It is an area affectionately known as ‘The birthplace of Scotland’; it is also where we call home.

James grew up in Dundee and spent his summers exploring the hills to North of the city known as the Sidlaws whilst Deborah grew up in Perth and spent her summers exploring Kinnoull Hill, which is also part of the Sidlaw range. With a move to Perth in his early teens James met Deborah and they fell in love at a young age. After several years of living and working in various locations including the Highlands and abroad, the couple moved back home to settle down. Unsure if they wanted to settle in Perth or Dundee, they opted for an area in Rural Angus on the Dundee/ Perthshire/Angus border just south of the town of Meigle.

Angus was a natural choice for a place to call home as it is an area known for its natural beauty and its wonderful food & drinks produce.

With a love of gin, the couple immersed themselves in the rapidly growing gin scene and would spend their summers going to the different gin festivals, masterclasses and tasting events. It was when they bought gin/bottle number 50 they thought about creating their own gin, with an idea of becoming part of the Scottish gin industry. Two years later and with close to 100 bottles of gin sitting on the shelf, the jokingly said idea at a gin festival has now become a reality.

Mackintosh gin is a family affair with James and Deborah’s three daughters all being part of the brand and development."