Lustau Vermut Rojo - 75cl - 15% ABV


Lustau Vermut Rojo - 75cl - 15% ABV

A perfect blend of two wines each aged individually in the traditional, authentic Jerez “Solera y Criaderas” System: An Amontillado, dry and nutty, with character. A Pedro Ximénez, sweet, intense and velvety.

Mahogany in colour with reddish hues. Sweet aromas of ripe fruit mingle with hints of citrus fruit and herbaceous notes, over a smoked wood base. On the palate it is flavoursome, velvety and balanced. A bitter finish, with a delicate and distinctive nutty aftertaste.

Lustau’s Vermouth originates in the wisdom and expertise of two centennial traditions. The Caballeor Family & The House of Luatau, credited artisinal winemakers for over a century.


Opt for oily and savoury for a dance partner here, it loves olives, almonds and all things snack-like so head towards gins that have that reflected in their botanical profile  - for example expressions like Gin Mare simply shine with it and a dash of Campari. If you are feeling brave enough, try using sage as a garnish too and double down on the herbaceous notes that come through.