Lustau Blanco Vermouth - 75cl - 15% ABV


Lustau Blanco Vermouth - 75cl - 15% ABV

A perfect blend of two wines: a dry, mineral and crisp Fino sherry and a sweet and floral Moscatel wine.

Intense and bright yellow colour with golden reflections. On the nose it shows floral, citrusy and herbaceous notes over a yeasty and mineral base. The finish is bitter and clean with a long, nutty and refreshing aftertaste.

We love this in a.  Martini, especially with gins that have a top note of chamomile Tanqueray No TEN Gin) or gorse (Method & Madness Gin or Conker Dry Gin).


Pair this up with Suze and you'll find the gentian used in both bitters and vermouth match nicely, and offset it with a bright gin like Tanqueray No Ten. If use a more classic dry gin, consider adding a sprig of rosemary as the garnish seems to help bring the three parts together particularly well.