Lone Wolf Gin - 70cl - 44% ABV


Lone Wolf as a distillery set its stall out as being different from the offset. They make their spirits from grain to glass, ensure that they are distinct in their character and produce them on a scale that will make them affordable to all. The scale they are working at incidentally, makes them one of the largest distilleries in the UK, and one of the bigger establishments to have launched in the since Adnam’s made its comparable move to extend from brewing into distilling. When one considers it all in context, however, Lone Wolf is not as large as it might at first appear.

In order to produce the spirit to use as a base one has to be on the larger scale of the spectrum, so while they will dwarf some of the smaller names with just a fraction of their apparatus or distillery footprint, when compared like for like with others who distil as well as rectify, Lone Wolf shares much of the same stature. The hard to ignore factor that most are blown away by is that it sits in one of the UK’s largest craft breweries whose warehouses, while irrelevant to the making of their gin, give the impression of being in a production facility the size of Jack Daniels.

To taste, there’s a massive flush of fresh citrus peel upfront, primarily grapefruit but given some additional bulk by the lemon too. The flavours transition fast and the chase is on, driving you straight into the heart of the gin. Before you know it, juniper has stalked you down, commanding all the attention with its resinous, oily stature. It’s quickly followed by Scottish Pine needles, which go in for the killer blow and leave behind a forest like finish that refuses to dissipate.