Locksley Real Raspberry & Cardamom Gin - 70cl - 40.5% ABV


Locksley Distilling, so named for Nottingham’s most famous export, Robin Hood, is one whose growth and evolution shows no real signs of slowing. Launched by the ever present, ever pleasant John Cherry back in 2014, the brand has gone from a one-gin-band to a whole sea of amazing gins, all made in-house and bottled in beautiful, gift-worthy custom glass.

This is one we’d name as a Gin Geeks pick. The bloggers and ginfluencers that we see on a regular basis are always raving about John and his band of merry gins. From the Elderflower-heavy flagship to the more juniper-centric spin offs, there is a great selection to choose from.

Locksley Real Raspberry & Cardamom Gin isn’t a cynical cash in on the pink gin trend – instead it’s a loud mouthed retort, showing those that pump there’s with artificial colour and flavourings that its completely possible to make a rich, brilliant and beautifully coloured fruit gin with all natural ingredients. Around 30 raspberries are infused into each bottle of this gin, which has also been given an extra cardamom kick to up the fragrant depth within. It’s an unbelievably tasty effort, still very ginny, still full strength, but with that little sweet hit from the berries. One of the best fruit gins to date – in fact we’d go so far as to call it salvation.