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Kyrö Napue Gin - 50cl - 46.3% ABV


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“Five Finnish men are talking in a sauna” may well be the start of many a Nordic joke, and while that’s how the story of lifelong friends Miika, Miko, Mikka, Kalle and Jouni establishing a micro distillery starts, the result of their endeavour is certainly no farce.Perhaps more ironic is that the story about award winning Napue Gin begins with whiskey. Rye Whiskey to be precise. Their shared love of the spirit lead the quintet to think that there was a gap in the market for a truly unique Finnish take on the category.

With meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, cranberries, spruce wood and birch leaves all in the lineup, Napue Gin is refreshingly Nordic to say the least. On the nose, the aroma of fresh, ripe, fruity cranberries bursts out along with a tantalising combination of meadowsweet and juniper. To taste, there is jammy red fruit upfront mixed with a piney spruce. Acerbic Sea Buckthorn follows with its bright citric notes, tailed by a sweet woody undercurrent that has combined with caramelised jam. Napue is a dry gin, with a strong regional accent.

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